Thursday, June 25, 2009

Project Ten Pan Fail

Remember how I told you I was gonna do Project Ten Pan to save money for my holiday. Well it didn't work. I used up five things and then Style Warriors came out and my favourite MAC lady was working so I bought more stuff than I needed.

So now I'm going away in seven days and my funds are severley depleted. Thankfully KRudd came through with the $900 and I have a bit from work so I do have some spending money but taking exchange rates into play probably not as much as I want. Fingers crossed I win the $60 mill lotto jackpot next week yeah?

But there is something I really really need. As a result of project ten pan I now have no more moisturiser. I used up my day one and my night one and am currently living off those sample ones you get in Gift-With-Purchases.

So I need you to recommend me something great, something stellar.
I have normal to dry skin, during the day I like to use something light (I was using Lancommes Hydra-Fusion) and at night I use something a bit heavier and more hydrating (I used to use Philosophys Hope In A Jar).

What do you use?
Would you recommend it?
Help a sister out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hair Aware

Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque (He must be french or something cause I always thought it was spelt mask)

I will be honest with you, when it comes to my hair I am lazy. I know your supposed to go in for a cut and a colour (if that's your thing) every 6 weeks or so but for me it's more like ever 6 months. Ponytails, messy buns or GHD straight are pretty much all I have in my repertoire. (see I can use fancy french words too Mr. Murphy!)
So in between salon visits my hair can get a bit rank. Not to mention it's pretty damaged seeing as I've dyed it every colour conceivable (not even kidding, in high school I had magenta streaks) and I GHD and blow dry a bit too often.

So on one of my infrequent hairdresser visits my hairdresser noted how dry my hair was and recommended I give this a go, normally I just say yes to whatever he tries to sell me because I feel so bad for not going in for so long and then finally presenting him with this mess he has to attempt to fix.

I tried it and success! My hair actually feels amazingly soft, and I didn't even realise it felt dry before. It has Shea butter in it which is the oiliest of oils and my hair just drank it all up and then asked in a  small voice "Please Sir...I want some more".

So would I use it again? YES. And do I think you should too? Of course.
If your hair is dry and damaged, give it the moisture it needs. Oily haired need not apply.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Ten Pan

Project Ten Pan: Like Project Runway Cept not with Clothes or Designers.

In case you don't know Project Ten Pan is a "movement" circulating at the moment on youtube. I know; it sounds like some weird local council recycling project and should actually be called "Using up your old shit before you spend anymore money on stuff you have no room for project". What it entails exactly is you using up Ten beauty products before you are allowed to buy anything new. At first I was like nahhhh, not for me thanks. I am definitely a spender and have no self control when it comes to buying new things, but when I took a look at my latest bank statement and saw the link between my lack of moolah and my five newest eye shadows I thought to myself, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON'T YOU KNOW THERE IS A FINANCIAL CRISIS? YOU DON'T NEED TEN DIFFERENT FACE SCRUBS. Also that and my Studio Fix Powder smashed on the ground and I sneakily thought, hey that's one down already.
So I thought as these are obviously products I've used a lot I'd let you know what I thought about them.

So the two items I have already used up are:
1. MAC Studio Fix Powder: I've been using this stuff since I was about 15. I've tried other powders but I always come back to this. It is a medium coverage but is quite buildable. Use lightly though as it can look cakey.
2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid: I have been through about 10 bottles of this but I always come back to it. It is a medium (but again buildable) coverage liquid foundation with SPF 15. It's easy to blend and has a dewy finish. I always set it with MAC Invisible Set Powder Pro to matte it down and make it stay alllll day.

Items that I think will be next to go"
3. MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper: This was the first eyeshadow I bought in pan form and is a beautiful frosty neutral gold. You can use it as a highlighter or all over the lid as a wash. Universally flattering and a definite staple for me. I would have used it up already but in winter I tend to reach more for Matte colours and have been using MAC's Brule as a highlighter/ all over colour more often.

4. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara
This was the first plastic brush mascara I ever used. I think it really delivers on it's claims (which are funnily enough to define your lashes) but it doesn't give much volume or curl and is something you'd wear if you wanted to go for a more subtle lash look.

5. Lancome Hypnosse Mascara
I bought this on a recommendation from a friend and I loved it at the time. It gives nice volume which holds all day but after using Virtuosse (which is essentially the same but gives more curl) I found I preferred that. I wouldn't buy this again but it was good at the time.

6. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.
Standard black gel eyeliner. Takes agggggeeess to use up because you only need a tiny bit but I'm getting there. I'd repurchase for sure but I'm using the Bobbi Brown one at the moment so probably wont need to for awhile.

7. MAC Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity
This was my favourite of the dazzleglasses, it is a peach with gold shimmer and is PRETTY. It's almost done but I avoided using it up at the time because I thought they wouldn't repromote it, however it's being made permanent.

8. MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
Same as above really except the colour is a bit more neutral.

9. NARS Pressed Iridescent Powder in Macchu Pichu
This is a beautiful light gold shimmery powder that can be used all over the face for a nice glow, or as a highlighter on certain areas of the face or decolletage. I've hit pan on it but it still has a little bit to go. This was limited edition so you might not be able to find it, and again probably why I avoided using it.

10. Philosophy Hope in A Jar Moisturiser
I got a free sample of this last year from Sephora and fell in love with it. I bought it again from MECCA Cosmetica in December. I HATE the smell (fly spray and lavender) but I'm in love with the product and use it every night. I'm hanging out to try a new moisturiser though so I cant WAIT till this is done.

So that's it.
Are you doing project ten pan?
If yes, are you making progress?
If no, why not?
Let me know in the comments!

Stay posted for a Project Ten Pan update in the future!