Thursday, February 26, 2009

NARS Spring Collection

New Nars Makes my Heart Tingle

So this may be old news for some of you but this was only just released in Australia on Monday and I couldn't let it go unchecked.
I managed to pick up the stuff I wanted (well that I could afford) a little bit earlier and have been playing all week.
I picked up the two eyeshadow duo and the blush duo.
Egea as a Frosted Sage and a Smokey Lilac whilst Hula Hula contains a Strawberry with gold glitter particles and a Hazelnut with gold glitter particles.
the Hungry Heart Blush Duo is an iridescent gold ivory and pink sand with a golden sheen. 

The eyeshadow colours really complement each other and are great worn on their own or with other shadows, similarly the Blush duo can be worn alone for an instant highlight or layered over another blush to play down the colour or add some shimmer.

I was very impressed with how pigmented the products were for pastel colours. They had a smooth velvety texture and the shimmer is truly shimmery as opposed to chunks of glitter like some other NARS products.

This collection (aside from the brick red shadow and the metallic raspberry lipstick) are really a different kind of offering for NARS, the colours are more muted and subtle and definitely a welcome addition to the NARS family.

For a closer look please check out my latest youtube video right here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Product Review

Laura Mercier Eye Bases
I received this for my birthday a couple of weeks ago in the shade "Wheat" hoping it would be the solution to my Urban Decay Primer Potion woes (these being that 1. It's not readily available in Australia and 2. The packaging SUCKS).

These have a more fluid consistency than UDPP and other eye primers I have used but dries to a silky matte finish that really takes colour well and makes blending a breeze! As these come in a range of shades they can be used as a base or alone for a nude eye or to neutralise any darkness or redness around the eye. They even have a light blue one that is supposed to be "brightening" but made me look more "Bride of Frankenstein" so definitely check it against your skin tone before you buy.

The packaging is a square lipgloss type container that is clear and comes with a doe foot applicator. You apply it my dabbing a small dot on your eyelid and blending with your finger or a brush. These are more expensive than other eye primers but the added extra of being able to wear them alone is a definite bonus.

However, where these bases fall down is really there longevity. I tested them on two separate days wearing UDPP on one side and the LM base on the other, the LM was easier to use and blend colour on however they started to crease after about five hours where the side with the UDPP wasn't showing any creasing at all. I was so disappointed as I had hoped the LM bases would be the answer to my eye base prayer, however I think these could work better on someone who has dry eyelids as it is quite moisturising and my eyelids can get quite oily.

Packaging 4.5/5
Value for Money 3/5
The Bottom Line: Try it out if you have dry eyelids and are looking for a nice base or if you have funky coloured eyelids and need something to neutralise it, but don't expect UDPP in a Laura Mercier container.