Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curly Hair? Sorted!

A little while ago I was sent some lovely products for curly hair, the only problem is my hair is almost dead straight. I agonized over what to do but decided to give the products to one of my friends with a crazy curly mop to road test for you and this is what she thought!
The products are from the Indola- Innova Curl range. There are four products a Curl Detangling Shampoo, a Restructuing Spritz, A Curl Tame Cream and A Curl Bounce Fluid (all $17.95).

Some products are recommended for thicker curls and some for finer curls, so whatever you've got Indola has it covered.
Shampoo - She said this was lovely and smelled good, she used it twice as you would a regular shampoo and then followed with a regular conditioner. I asked her if she could tell a difference and she said yes! Her hair felt easier to brush once it was dry and felt beautifully cleansed.
Restructuring Spritz - This is a bit like a leave in conditioner for curly hair. She sprayed it in then combed it through and was surprised and how smooth and relaxed her curls felt afterwards.
Bounce Fluid Curl - This was for fine hair but I made her use it anyway, she said she doesn't usually like putting products like this in her hair because they can feel heavy but I assured her to just use a little bit on her fingertips and lightly apply it through her hair. Success. It added a nice little shine and a little bit of volume.
Tame Cream Curl - Again she said she doesnt like to put things like this in her hair because they "feel heavy" I gave her a break but asked her to try it the next day and she rang me to say it was awesome at getting rid of flyaways and frizz and leaving her curls "curly" (her words not mine) shaped.

So the bottom line?
Pretty cheap and pretty darn good.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Formal Time

Got a formal coming up? If you go to highschool than probably, my sister is going to THREE this year and she's only in year ten. Such a socialite that kid. I remember when I was in highschool formal time was always STRESSFUL way more stressfull than say exam time.

But now you don't have to worry about what your going to do about your makeup cause I've got it covered for you! NP Set are going to help you make it a formal to remember! They are formal doing makeovers at David Jones, it costs 80 big ones but thats all redemable for product on the day which means you basically get a free makeover and $80 worth of products hand picked just for you!

Still wondering? NP Set will also throw in a free Lip Gloss Compact, perfect for keeping your lips pouty all night long!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why being a slave to trends is less important now more than ever

You know how sometimes there is a makeup/beauty trend and you think "that sounds insanely crazy", (I'm talking about things like glitter mascaras here) you think that it a trend reserved only for the truly insane and then you see a really hot girl wearing it and she doesnt look half bad so maybe you can give it a go too.

Well I'm about to tell you about one of those trends that you should NOT give a go, even if you see a model wearing it on Oxford St and it looks pretty rad on her.

Im talking about black lips.

Black Lips are huge at the moment beauties. Have you noticed all the makeup brands bringing out black lip products? Chanel has a black lipstick and back in March Lancome had the Piha Beach gloss. MAC is about to go one step further with their latest Style Black collection (Available in Australia October 5th), an entire black collection featuring no less than 6 black toned lip products.

But take my word of warning beauties, save your money for the other black products. Unless you are a model, a vampire or a goth leave the black lips at home, or you will SCARE CHILDREN.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Project Ten Pan Fail

Remember how I told you I was gonna do Project Ten Pan to save money for my holiday. Well it didn't work. I used up five things and then Style Warriors came out and my favourite MAC lady was working so I bought more stuff than I needed.

So now I'm going away in seven days and my funds are severley depleted. Thankfully KRudd came through with the $900 and I have a bit from work so I do have some spending money but taking exchange rates into play probably not as much as I want. Fingers crossed I win the $60 mill lotto jackpot next week yeah?

But there is something I really really need. As a result of project ten pan I now have no more moisturiser. I used up my day one and my night one and am currently living off those sample ones you get in Gift-With-Purchases.

So I need you to recommend me something great, something stellar.
I have normal to dry skin, during the day I like to use something light (I was using Lancommes Hydra-Fusion) and at night I use something a bit heavier and more hydrating (I used to use Philosophys Hope In A Jar).

What do you use?
Would you recommend it?
Help a sister out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hair Aware

Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque (He must be french or something cause I always thought it was spelt mask)

I will be honest with you, when it comes to my hair I am lazy. I know your supposed to go in for a cut and a colour (if that's your thing) every 6 weeks or so but for me it's more like ever 6 months. Ponytails, messy buns or GHD straight are pretty much all I have in my repertoire. (see I can use fancy french words too Mr. Murphy!)
So in between salon visits my hair can get a bit rank. Not to mention it's pretty damaged seeing as I've dyed it every colour conceivable (not even kidding, in high school I had magenta streaks) and I GHD and blow dry a bit too often.

So on one of my infrequent hairdresser visits my hairdresser noted how dry my hair was and recommended I give this a go, normally I just say yes to whatever he tries to sell me because I feel so bad for not going in for so long and then finally presenting him with this mess he has to attempt to fix.

I tried it and success! My hair actually feels amazingly soft, and I didn't even realise it felt dry before. It has Shea butter in it which is the oiliest of oils and my hair just drank it all up and then asked in a  small voice "Please Sir...I want some more".

So would I use it again? YES. And do I think you should too? Of course.
If your hair is dry and damaged, give it the moisture it needs. Oily haired need not apply.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Ten Pan

Project Ten Pan: Like Project Runway Cept not with Clothes or Designers.

In case you don't know Project Ten Pan is a "movement" circulating at the moment on youtube. I know; it sounds like some weird local council recycling project and should actually be called "Using up your old shit before you spend anymore money on stuff you have no room for project". What it entails exactly is you using up Ten beauty products before you are allowed to buy anything new. At first I was like nahhhh, not for me thanks. I am definitely a spender and have no self control when it comes to buying new things, but when I took a look at my latest bank statement and saw the link between my lack of moolah and my five newest eye shadows I thought to myself, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON'T YOU KNOW THERE IS A FINANCIAL CRISIS? YOU DON'T NEED TEN DIFFERENT FACE SCRUBS. Also that and my Studio Fix Powder smashed on the ground and I sneakily thought, hey that's one down already.
So I thought as these are obviously products I've used a lot I'd let you know what I thought about them.

So the two items I have already used up are:
1. MAC Studio Fix Powder: I've been using this stuff since I was about 15. I've tried other powders but I always come back to this. It is a medium coverage but is quite buildable. Use lightly though as it can look cakey.
2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid: I have been through about 10 bottles of this but I always come back to it. It is a medium (but again buildable) coverage liquid foundation with SPF 15. It's easy to blend and has a dewy finish. I always set it with MAC Invisible Set Powder Pro to matte it down and make it stay alllll day.

Items that I think will be next to go"
3. MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper: This was the first eyeshadow I bought in pan form and is a beautiful frosty neutral gold. You can use it as a highlighter or all over the lid as a wash. Universally flattering and a definite staple for me. I would have used it up already but in winter I tend to reach more for Matte colours and have been using MAC's Brule as a highlighter/ all over colour more often.

4. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara
This was the first plastic brush mascara I ever used. I think it really delivers on it's claims (which are funnily enough to define your lashes) but it doesn't give much volume or curl and is something you'd wear if you wanted to go for a more subtle lash look.

5. Lancome Hypnosse Mascara
I bought this on a recommendation from a friend and I loved it at the time. It gives nice volume which holds all day but after using Virtuosse (which is essentially the same but gives more curl) I found I preferred that. I wouldn't buy this again but it was good at the time.

6. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.
Standard black gel eyeliner. Takes agggggeeess to use up because you only need a tiny bit but I'm getting there. I'd repurchase for sure but I'm using the Bobbi Brown one at the moment so probably wont need to for awhile.

7. MAC Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity
This was my favourite of the dazzleglasses, it is a peach with gold shimmer and is PRETTY. It's almost done but I avoided using it up at the time because I thought they wouldn't repromote it, however it's being made permanent.

8. MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
Same as above really except the colour is a bit more neutral.

9. NARS Pressed Iridescent Powder in Macchu Pichu
This is a beautiful light gold shimmery powder that can be used all over the face for a nice glow, or as a highlighter on certain areas of the face or decolletage. I've hit pan on it but it still has a little bit to go. This was limited edition so you might not be able to find it, and again probably why I avoided using it.

10. Philosophy Hope in A Jar Moisturiser
I got a free sample of this last year from Sephora and fell in love with it. I bought it again from MECCA Cosmetica in December. I HATE the smell (fly spray and lavender) but I'm in love with the product and use it every night. I'm hanging out to try a new moisturiser though so I cant WAIT till this is done.

So that's it.
Are you doing project ten pan?
If yes, are you making progress?
If no, why not?
Let me know in the comments!

Stay posted for a Project Ten Pan update in the future!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chipped Nails are skanky, I dont care how cool the Olsens make it look.

OPI's Chip Skip

I know you might think your chipped red nail polish makes you look cool and edgy but I'm going to be honest with you, because I care, It doesn't. It makes you look like a streetwalker.

To keep my nail polish chip free I use Chip Skip. It comes in a regular nail polish bottle but the actual brush is miniature and stiff. I think because the product itself is far more fluid than a regular nail polish a regular brush wouldn't work.

You use this before your base coat as it dries out your nail bed and allows the polish to stay put. It also helps prevent your nail beds produce oil which is what loosens the nail polish from your nail and lets the nail polish really soak in.

It'll cost you about 20 australian bones where OPI nail polish is sold. I got  mine from David Jones which has a pretty stellar nail polish collection. While your there grab OPI's Mod About You as well. It's my all time favourite shade, a glorious creamy pastel pink with a  hint of lilac. Delish. My Mum loves I'm not really a Waitress which is a deep burghundyish red. Perfect for your pedi's.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let's get to know each other, take a seat, roast some mallows...

We've been intimate for a little while now beauties, but somehow, I feel like you don't even know me. Who is Beautyfill? Well if you read the sidebar (don't laugh some people don't) you would know my name is Hannah and yes I do go to university and have friends, family and a boyfriend, but I am so much more. (I hope so anyway, if not then feel free to unfollow)

I am not going to talk about silly things like my favourite food (all kinds of soups) or even my pets (because I have none), but what I am going to tell you about is my decline into the depths of beauty induced madness.

My mother never wore makeup. Sometimes when she goes out to a nice dinner or some type of work function she will put on lipstick but that is it. You think I am exaggerating but I am not. I have no idea where my beauty mad genes come from but I have them, and they fit quite nice thanks. My ma always said we weren't allowed to wear more makeup than lip smackers untilwe were 14 but I, being the rebellious little minx that I was, would always sneak some wobbly liner or clumpy mascara and tell myself that I looked great. Which I in fact didn't, I looked horrible and my mother was wise to be strict with the makeup wearing.

When I did finally turn 14 my dear Mum took me to my nearest MAC and shelled out for an individual lesson, some nice brushes, and some sweet makeup. I was in teenage heaven.
This is also around the time one of my friends bought me Kevyn Aucoin's "Face Forward" and I marveled at how faces could be literally transformed with a little bit of love.

Cue rampage. I became obsessed with the beauty pages of all my favorite magazines and as my own collection grew found myself spending literally HOURS coveting the products I yearned for. I wasn't just mad for makeup, I was crazy for skin care, hair products, nail polish, cotton balls (maybe not cotton balls so much but you get my point yes?)

It has been a constant love since then, only now I can do my eyeliner a little bit straighter. Sometimes I try to pass it off as a hobby but people generally look at me like I am mad. That's what your here for beauties, you get me.  

Friday, May 15, 2009

5 Quick Beauty Tips

  1. When you apply your makeup it's best to start with a clean canvas which means washing your face. Don't take the easy way out and start with a makeup removing wipe. They leave a creamy residue that will resist makeup. Think of it like applying nail polish over nail polish remover. Doesn't sound good does it?
  2. Late nights + early mornings = death. For an instant perk up keep your eye cream in the fridge or freezer to relieve tired and puffy eyes.
  3. A moisturiser will have more effect if you use it on slightly wet skin. It locks in the moisture from the water giving you an added boost.
  4. Regular eyelash curler not doing the trick? Blast it with your hairdryer for 5 seconds and then curl your lashes for mega curl (please test the heat on the underside of your arm first in case its too hot!)
  5. Want to get the most out of your mascara? Don't pump your wand in the tube, it's less hygenic because it lets in excess air and bacteria that can dry out your mascara. Instead twirl the wand in the tube.

Monday, April 27, 2009

UDPP Gets a Makeover?

I have always been a fan of Urban Decay Primer Potion. I find that there is nothing that compares to it for eyeshadow priming. Paints, paintpots, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Laura Mercier Eye bases, cream shadows, nothing compares. However the one problem I have always had with UDPP (and many others have shared) is that while the packaging is cute it's shaped in a way that you cant actually reach all the product forcing you to cut it open and scoop out all that left behind UDPP if you really want to use all your product. 

The Makeup Obsessed have ranted about this for years and finally it seems Urban Decay has answered our calls creating a new slanted wand that allows you to get into the nooks and crannies of your Primer Potion and curing the dilema once and for all. Urban Decay, we salute you!


Recently I bought and read this book "The Skin Type Solution" by Leslie Baumann (note: there are different versions in different countries and so different covers). In the book you take a quiz about your skin and then Baumann recommends products that are suitable for your skin based on Resistance or Sensitivity, Pigmentation, Dryness or Oiliness, and wrinkle prone.

She also includes tips for caring for your type of skin and a routine you can follow for your skin type.

Based on what the book says I learnt that the last thing my dry skin needs was a foaming cleanser (I had been using the Purity Made Simple Foaming Cleanser) but could really benefit from a milk cleanser so I bought this little baby that I am completley sold on.

The Chanel Precision Cleansing Milk. You apply it like a normal cleanser but it is more the consistency of a light moisturiser. You can either massage it all the way into your skin or you can rinse it off (I reccomend rinsing if you are using this to help take of makeup). I have noticed a huge difference. My skin feels less congested and tight and much smoother. It is a little bit exspensive for a cleanser but you get SO much of it and who can really put a price on a good cleanser? It cost me about $50 australian dollars which is more expensive than drugstore but in terms of high end skincare its actually on the cheaper side.

I want to keep using this before I tell you wether or not I would repurchase and give my final rating but I promise, no Chanel in the next post!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Spotlight

Chanel Bronze Universal

Normally when people talk about Bronzer I am impartial. I feel like Im already tanned enough not to have to wear bronzer. That was until Bronze Universal came into my life.
This is a Matte, cream (when I say cream i don't mean like a thick moisturiser I mean like a concealer) consistency, bronzer. I love it because it doesn't have chunks of glitter in it that make you look shiny it just makes you actually look kinda dewy. Think Jlo or Giselle (im not even kidding this is how good it is).

Apparently this is being discontinued and replaced with the Soleil Tan De Chanel which is exaclt the same product in exactly the same packaging except there are gold interlocking C's on the lid instead of white. Im not sure why Chanel would go to all that effort but they did. Why fix what aint broken? But for those of you that are concerned YES it is exactly the same product.

This would work well for Light to Medium Dark Skintones, for refrence I am a MAC NC30-35. For anything darker than say a 40-42 this can be used underneath a powder bronzer to hold and intensify colour. It is really longlasting and i don't have to touch up once when I wear it.

I apply it to my cheek area using a MAC 109 brush or all over using a small Kabuki Brush or even a flat Buki (that new too faced one would be perfect me thinks!)

The bottom line?
Product Rating: 5/5
Price Rating: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5
Would I but it again? Yes! and again and again and again!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travelling this June/ July?

If your travelling this spring/summer and will be in an airport your in luck! MAC are releasing an airport exclusive collection filled with palettes for the eyes, lips and cheeks!

The Palettes are a mix of LE and permanent colours with old favourite Springtime Skipper shadow back from Barbie Loves MAC. With categories like neutral, classic, warm and cool there really is something for everyone, and perfect for the traveller.
One of these palettes was actually my first thing from MAC WAY back in the day. It was tres chic and ignited the obsesssion.
My favourites in this collection have to be 

The Classic Eye and Cheek featuring (from left to right) Sweetness Beauty Powder B
lush, Lightfully Eyeshadow, Idol Eyes Eyeshadow and Print Eyeshadow as well as a mini 213 brush.

And the Neutral eye palette featuring (from left to right) Bisque, Mineralism, Say, Yeah, Sable and Bateau
Check out more pictures of the palettes here:

Coming to an airport near you this (US) Spring/Summer.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Product Spotlight

Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Blushes

Those that know me know that I have an aversion to mineral products (unless they are MSF's) because they are generally all together WAY TOO SHINY. I never got on the Bare Minerals/Bare Essentials/ Bare whateverelse bandwagon (granted I've never actually given them a go).
So when I heard good things about these Mineral Blushes from Maybelline I was skeptical to say the least.

I tried three (the three available at my local chemist) Original Rose, Soft Mauve and Fresh Plum. Soft Mauve was kind of strange because it had no shimmer at all so I'm discounting that one.

The most beautiful one that I find myself reaching for most often is definitely Original Rose, its a beautiful baby pink with that tell tale mineral sheen. However the sheen is not overpowering enough to turn you into a disco face.

You only need a teeny tiny bit, preffrebly on a mini Kabuki brush and then buffed into the cheek as a little bit of these babies deffinitley goes a long way. Orignal Rose gives you a "natural" flush, and to me looks a lot like NARS Orgasm but only 234345 times cheaper! 

The bottom line?  
Product Rating: 4/5 (based on Original Rose, less for the other colours, but depends on your skintone)
Price Rating: 4/5
Packaging: 2/5
Would I buy again?: Yes! over and over and over. And I would buy it for my blush shy sister.

Friday, March 27, 2009


So I'm sure you have all noticed the ridiculous amount of blog posts and youtube videos about Lush. Well I decided it was time for me to put in my 2cents.
First let me tell you, I am not a bath girl, the thought of a bath repulses me. I am a get in the shower, clean yourself, get out kind of girl. Having said that I like to make the time that I am in the shower as enjoyable as possible.
SO Heres is a rundown of what I got plus BLESS THIS MESS! style a more indepth 1 love, 1 like and 1 hate.

Yummy Yummy Shower Gel - A thick shower gel that smells like strawberries, and is infact, made with strawberries.
Rockstar Soap - This stuff smells like creaming soda!
Porridge Soap - Smells like oatmeal and mollases (again this is what it's made of), BEWARE its more of an exfoliator, very abbrasive.
Honey I Washed the Kids Soap - Smells like honey (duh)
The Godmother Soap - Has tiny bits of glitter on it (which dont transfer to the skin) and smells like a grown up rockstar.
Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser - Supposed to be a kick back to medieval times cleansers
Emotibombs - You chuck these in the shower and the foam up releasing nice smells, cute, bit gimicky. Like a bath bomb for the shower.
Therapy Massage bar - Heat this up in your hands and it melts into oil, supposed to be good for stretch marks
Business time Massage bar - Named after the Fight of the Concords song (which is love BTW) smells like therapy but stronger and much more oily. Definitely better used on another.
Buffy Exfoliating Bar - A shea butter based exfoliating bar.

I Love:
The Godmother
The Godmother Soap- This smells so good and I actually love it more than I thought I would when I bought it. It doesn't lather much, which I don't mind, but you still feel clean, and the suds are a deep red.

I Like:

Therapy Massage Bar - This leaves your skin feeling super smooth and is great used just out of the shower or warmed between your hands to collect the oil and then used on someone else. Would be a love if the smell was a bit lighter. Im not into strong Herbal scents.


Buffy The Backside Slayer - I know this is supposed to be an exfoliating bar but this is painful! You're better off using sandpaper! Use this out of the shower and you will straight up rip your skin off, even in the shower it is a form of torture.

And one more hate because generally there products are good but these two shouldn't be purchased by anyone ever.
Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser - This is a basic, mild, semi exfoliating daily cleanser. I never would have bought it but I got a free sample. It smells awfull. It's so strong I could barely stand to put it on my skin because I thougth I was going to be sick. And it looks like vomit. Sorry Lush I wont be buying this, ever.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I recently attended a NARS even with international celebrity artist for NARS Bret Boreman. Bret was so lovely and kind and picked all my colours and they were applied by one of MECCA's senior artists who was also very lovely.

Let me tell you I did not make it easy! I had a really big night the night before so my skin was looking SHABBY to say the least. I was dehydrated and had big cirlces under my eyes, she prepped my skin by packing it full of moisture and then we discussed what colours to use. I told her what colours I already had from NARS (mostly neutrals) and she suggested we try something a bit different, Bret agreed and so he chose Jolie Poupee eyeshadow duo which is a brilliant lavender and deep purple duo.

The rest of my face we kept a nice dusty gold using Promiscuous l/s and Greek Holiday gloss on the lips as well as Luster on my cheeks.
Luster was already my HG NARS blush.

I was also really interested in trying their primer and foundation, they are both LUSH, the primer is just what I've been looking for, and the foundation is lightweight and a perfect match for my skintone (I got matched to the colour Santa Fe).

I left with the eyeshadow, lipgloss, lipstick, foundation, primer and a lipliner in Papua.
They even made me a little facechart and gave me a cute tester size Rose Birman lipgloss!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello Kitty Haulin'

My little sister and I went to the Hello Kitty Preview Party last night and had all kinds of fun!
Aside from the strange cordial and not being able to drink the free champagne cause I drove we had a really good time and were the models for the night.
Check out my latest youtube video for a look at our makeup looks and what we got!
Hello Kitty X MAC is available pretty much everywhere in the world and officially launches on March 16th!

NOTE: In australia collections with special packaging (aka Hello Kitty) cost more than regular collections. And only in Australia. I dont know why dont ask.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So for my fellow Australian MAC lovers that complain about our inflated costs and delays in releases, MAC finally comes to the rescue!
They have released Grand Duos (the mineralize blush duos) early on the Australian site!
Before the US even!
There $50 a pop and are available in shades to sort pretty much anyone. Not sure if there in stores yet but check em out online here!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

NARS Spring Collection

New Nars Makes my Heart Tingle

So this may be old news for some of you but this was only just released in Australia on Monday and I couldn't let it go unchecked.
I managed to pick up the stuff I wanted (well that I could afford) a little bit earlier and have been playing all week.
I picked up the two eyeshadow duo and the blush duo.
Egea as a Frosted Sage and a Smokey Lilac whilst Hula Hula contains a Strawberry with gold glitter particles and a Hazelnut with gold glitter particles.
the Hungry Heart Blush Duo is an iridescent gold ivory and pink sand with a golden sheen. 

The eyeshadow colours really complement each other and are great worn on their own or with other shadows, similarly the Blush duo can be worn alone for an instant highlight or layered over another blush to play down the colour or add some shimmer.

I was very impressed with how pigmented the products were for pastel colours. They had a smooth velvety texture and the shimmer is truly shimmery as opposed to chunks of glitter like some other NARS products.

This collection (aside from the brick red shadow and the metallic raspberry lipstick) are really a different kind of offering for NARS, the colours are more muted and subtle and definitely a welcome addition to the NARS family.

For a closer look please check out my latest youtube video right here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Product Review

Laura Mercier Eye Bases
I received this for my birthday a couple of weeks ago in the shade "Wheat" hoping it would be the solution to my Urban Decay Primer Potion woes (these being that 1. It's not readily available in Australia and 2. The packaging SUCKS).

These have a more fluid consistency than UDPP and other eye primers I have used but dries to a silky matte finish that really takes colour well and makes blending a breeze! As these come in a range of shades they can be used as a base or alone for a nude eye or to neutralise any darkness or redness around the eye. They even have a light blue one that is supposed to be "brightening" but made me look more "Bride of Frankenstein" so definitely check it against your skin tone before you buy.

The packaging is a square lipgloss type container that is clear and comes with a doe foot applicator. You apply it my dabbing a small dot on your eyelid and blending with your finger or a brush. These are more expensive than other eye primers but the added extra of being able to wear them alone is a definite bonus.

However, where these bases fall down is really there longevity. I tested them on two separate days wearing UDPP on one side and the LM base on the other, the LM was easier to use and blend colour on however they started to crease after about five hours where the side with the UDPP wasn't showing any creasing at all. I was so disappointed as I had hoped the LM bases would be the answer to my eye base prayer, however I think these could work better on someone who has dry eyelids as it is quite moisturising and my eyelids can get quite oily.

Packaging 4.5/5
Value for Money 3/5
The Bottom Line: Try it out if you have dry eyelids and are looking for a nice base or if you have funky coloured eyelids and need something to neutralise it, but don't expect UDPP in a Laura Mercier container.