Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let's get to know each other, take a seat, roast some mallows...

We've been intimate for a little while now beauties, but somehow, I feel like you don't even know me. Who is Beautyfill? Well if you read the sidebar (don't laugh some people don't) you would know my name is Hannah and yes I do go to university and have friends, family and a boyfriend, but I am so much more. (I hope so anyway, if not then feel free to unfollow)

I am not going to talk about silly things like my favourite food (all kinds of soups) or even my pets (because I have none), but what I am going to tell you about is my decline into the depths of beauty induced madness.

My mother never wore makeup. Sometimes when she goes out to a nice dinner or some type of work function she will put on lipstick but that is it. You think I am exaggerating but I am not. I have no idea where my beauty mad genes come from but I have them, and they fit quite nice thanks. My ma always said we weren't allowed to wear more makeup than lip smackers untilwe were 14 but I, being the rebellious little minx that I was, would always sneak some wobbly liner or clumpy mascara and tell myself that I looked great. Which I in fact didn't, I looked horrible and my mother was wise to be strict with the makeup wearing.

When I did finally turn 14 my dear Mum took me to my nearest MAC and shelled out for an individual lesson, some nice brushes, and some sweet makeup. I was in teenage heaven.
This is also around the time one of my friends bought me Kevyn Aucoin's "Face Forward" and I marveled at how faces could be literally transformed with a little bit of love.

Cue rampage. I became obsessed with the beauty pages of all my favorite magazines and as my own collection grew found myself spending literally HOURS coveting the products I yearned for. I wasn't just mad for makeup, I was crazy for skin care, hair products, nail polish, cotton balls (maybe not cotton balls so much but you get my point yes?)

It has been a constant love since then, only now I can do my eyeliner a little bit straighter. Sometimes I try to pass it off as a hobby but people generally look at me like I am mad. That's what your here for beauties, you get me.  


  1. My family was the same way growing up. No one in my entire family really wears make-up. My mom has started to get into it now, though I'm pretty sure that's just because I'm so heavily into it.

  2. Really feeling this! Amen girl :)

  3. Moira - my mum asked me to do her makeup the other day and i was shocked!

    Iantha - Thanks girlll!