Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drool worthy.

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Check out the new brushes coming out with the upcoming Brunette Blonde Redhead MAC collection. 
I love me some brushes and will be getting all three for sure.
The 165 looks good for cheek application (the MSF's that are coming out with the same collection im assuming).
The 226 is a bit like a hybrid of the 224,222 and 219. A pointed blending brush perfect for precise blending and the crease area.
The 224 look like a smaller 227. Perfect for a more precise venture into highlighting and all over shadow. This one also looks like it could tackle under eye shadow aswell.

The brushes are all limited edition except for the 226 which will go permanent at free standing stores. So get em while there hot, not to mention the MSF's, lip products and eyeshadows (Henna looks lush!)

Brunette Blonde Redhead launches Jan 8th in the States and probably about a month later in Australia.

EDIT: ok for some reason the picture keeps getting cut off so go to if you cant to see the full image.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Favourite Summer Nailpolish.

So usually I rock dark nail polish but I yesterday I was in DJ's and stumbled upon this little beauty and though purrrrfect. It actually looks more Lilac in life than it photographs but is still eyecatching without being neon or black/dark blue/purple.

It's perfect for summer BUT I usually love OPI nail polishes, the finish is usually really great and applies easily but this one applied kind of streaky and the finish is a little bit chalky so I had to use a top coat, which I never do because Im super lazy.

I hate when I find something I like and then theres just that one thing that puts you off. This nail polish is too pretty to dismiss though and im still gonna be rocking it this summer!

OPI's Mod About You
Product: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ive Been Tagged!

16 Random Facts About Me!
  1. I have been with my boyfriend for two years! We had been friends for years and years but reconnected at Schoolies (which is like a big week long party that all the high school leavers in Australia go to) and we have been together ever since.
  2. I have lots of siblings but none of them are full siblings. I have Two half sisters that live with me, a half sister that lives with my Dad, a half brother that lives with his Mother, two step brothers and a step sister that are all grown up and live by themselves.
  3. I go to Macquarie University and do a Bachelor of Media Studies, but my best subject is creative writing, I dont know how but I pull HD's!
  4. I dont have any pets, the onlt pets I have had are fish, I had one for 5 years. I really really want a dog but my parents just arent in to it.
  5. I live at home still. Renting prices around me are crazy. 
  6. I have my Learners liscence and I'm ridiculously close to getting my P's. (which means I can drive unaccompanied and such)
  7. I LOVE sneakers. They are my other collection (makeup being the first). I wear exclusivley Nikes and have about ten pairs that I cycle through and a couple others that are too nice to wear.
  8. I work at before and after school care!
  9. My most prized possesions are my Marc Jacobs pumps that i got for my Year 12 Formal, My Prada wallet that I got for my 19th Birthday and my teddybear that I got for my 3rd Christmas.
  10. I have a tattoo that I got for my 17th birthday after begging my parents for years. It's a neon green heart on my right hip. Im getting another this christmas!!
  11. I got my bellybutton pierced when I was 12 cause all my friends had it and I wanted it too. When my mum found out she didnt talk to me for like a week.
  12. I have a filthy cigarette and vodka habit.
  13. I can play the guitar! I used to take lessons every week for like four years but I quit when I finished high school.
  14. I used to live in Wellington, New Zealand but I moved to Sydney, Australia at the start of High School. Lots of my family still live in New Zealand.
  15. My favourite food is soup! I love all kinds of soup, Im crazy for the stuff.
  16. I'm baptised Catholic but I'm not very religious. I do believe in God and such but I dont really believe in the church and the Bible. 13 years of Catholic Education will do that too ya

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Day From HELL.

So boys and girls today was crap.
It was freaking hot, way too hot. I went to my friends 20th BBQ with the BF and managed to run into the exBF. Which is never good. I hate the boy so much my hands were shaking when I saw him. Long long story which I dont want to bore you guys with. 

Also, I brought the wrong eyeshadow palette with me so had to wear smokey green eyes instead of my trademark feel good black.
Then some drunk spilt beer all over my new nikes. Thanks.

BUT Im going out tonight to see Kanye/NAS/ Scribe. So hopefully my cursed day clears up or i will cry.
No makeup posts today but CHECK ME OUT ON YOUTUBE (Im too lazy to upload videos here) and wish me luck for the rest of my day.