Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drool worthy.

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Check out the new brushes coming out with the upcoming Brunette Blonde Redhead MAC collection. 
I love me some brushes and will be getting all three for sure.
The 165 looks good for cheek application (the MSF's that are coming out with the same collection im assuming).
The 226 is a bit like a hybrid of the 224,222 and 219. A pointed blending brush perfect for precise blending and the crease area.
The 224 look like a smaller 227. Perfect for a more precise venture into highlighting and all over shadow. This one also looks like it could tackle under eye shadow aswell.

The brushes are all limited edition except for the 226 which will go permanent at free standing stores. So get em while there hot, not to mention the MSF's, lip products and eyeshadows (Henna looks lush!)

Brunette Blonde Redhead launches Jan 8th in the States and probably about a month later in Australia.

EDIT: ok for some reason the picture keeps getting cut off so go to if you cant to see the full image.


  1. aahhh... i want all of them too...

    but i'm not really sure i can make the most out of them.... i'll def. get the middle one.. the 226 because it's really unique and all that... but the face brush... isn't it too small to be used for blush application??

  2. You could deffinitley use it for blush, or highlighting.
    The middle one is a looks a bit like the 224 but with a point.
    The last one is PERFECT for lining and smoking out your shadow.

  3. Oh man... brushes <3
    Must check these out when they are released!
    LOVE x.

  4. hmm.. i already CP'ed for the #226 so i guess i'll skip the other.... ^^

    i guess i don't need the face brush anyway.... you're so lucky to be able to get everything.....