Friday, December 12, 2008

Ive Been Tagged!

16 Random Facts About Me!
  1. I have been with my boyfriend for two years! We had been friends for years and years but reconnected at Schoolies (which is like a big week long party that all the high school leavers in Australia go to) and we have been together ever since.
  2. I have lots of siblings but none of them are full siblings. I have Two half sisters that live with me, a half sister that lives with my Dad, a half brother that lives with his Mother, two step brothers and a step sister that are all grown up and live by themselves.
  3. I go to Macquarie University and do a Bachelor of Media Studies, but my best subject is creative writing, I dont know how but I pull HD's!
  4. I dont have any pets, the onlt pets I have had are fish, I had one for 5 years. I really really want a dog but my parents just arent in to it.
  5. I live at home still. Renting prices around me are crazy. 
  6. I have my Learners liscence and I'm ridiculously close to getting my P's. (which means I can drive unaccompanied and such)
  7. I LOVE sneakers. They are my other collection (makeup being the first). I wear exclusivley Nikes and have about ten pairs that I cycle through and a couple others that are too nice to wear.
  8. I work at before and after school care!
  9. My most prized possesions are my Marc Jacobs pumps that i got for my Year 12 Formal, My Prada wallet that I got for my 19th Birthday and my teddybear that I got for my 3rd Christmas.
  10. I have a tattoo that I got for my 17th birthday after begging my parents for years. It's a neon green heart on my right hip. Im getting another this christmas!!
  11. I got my bellybutton pierced when I was 12 cause all my friends had it and I wanted it too. When my mum found out she didnt talk to me for like a week.
  12. I have a filthy cigarette and vodka habit.
  13. I can play the guitar! I used to take lessons every week for like four years but I quit when I finished high school.
  14. I used to live in Wellington, New Zealand but I moved to Sydney, Australia at the start of High School. Lots of my family still live in New Zealand.
  15. My favourite food is soup! I love all kinds of soup, Im crazy for the stuff.
  16. I'm baptised Catholic but I'm not very religious. I do believe in God and such but I dont really believe in the church and the Bible. 13 years of Catholic Education will do that too ya

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  1. Hey chicka, thanks for the tag! I will link your blog on my mine... alright? ;) Dying to see your sneaker collection! You're a cool girl yo. LOVE x.