Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curly Hair? Sorted!

A little while ago I was sent some lovely products for curly hair, the only problem is my hair is almost dead straight. I agonized over what to do but decided to give the products to one of my friends with a crazy curly mop to road test for you and this is what she thought!
The products are from the Indola- Innova Curl range. There are four products a Curl Detangling Shampoo, a Restructuing Spritz, A Curl Tame Cream and A Curl Bounce Fluid (all $17.95).

Some products are recommended for thicker curls and some for finer curls, so whatever you've got Indola has it covered.
Shampoo - She said this was lovely and smelled good, she used it twice as you would a regular shampoo and then followed with a regular conditioner. I asked her if she could tell a difference and she said yes! Her hair felt easier to brush once it was dry and felt beautifully cleansed.
Restructuring Spritz - This is a bit like a leave in conditioner for curly hair. She sprayed it in then combed it through and was surprised and how smooth and relaxed her curls felt afterwards.
Bounce Fluid Curl - This was for fine hair but I made her use it anyway, she said she doesn't usually like putting products like this in her hair because they can feel heavy but I assured her to just use a little bit on her fingertips and lightly apply it through her hair. Success. It added a nice little shine and a little bit of volume.
Tame Cream Curl - Again she said she doesnt like to put things like this in her hair because they "feel heavy" I gave her a break but asked her to try it the next day and she rang me to say it was awesome at getting rid of flyaways and frizz and leaving her curls "curly" (her words not mine) shaped.

So the bottom line?
Pretty cheap and pretty darn good.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Formal Time

Got a formal coming up? If you go to highschool than probably, my sister is going to THREE this year and she's only in year ten. Such a socialite that kid. I remember when I was in highschool formal time was always STRESSFUL way more stressfull than say exam time.

But now you don't have to worry about what your going to do about your makeup cause I've got it covered for you! NP Set are going to help you make it a formal to remember! They are formal doing makeovers at David Jones, it costs 80 big ones but thats all redemable for product on the day which means you basically get a free makeover and $80 worth of products hand picked just for you!

Still wondering? NP Set will also throw in a free Lip Gloss Compact, perfect for keeping your lips pouty all night long!