Friday, May 15, 2009

5 Quick Beauty Tips

  1. When you apply your makeup it's best to start with a clean canvas which means washing your face. Don't take the easy way out and start with a makeup removing wipe. They leave a creamy residue that will resist makeup. Think of it like applying nail polish over nail polish remover. Doesn't sound good does it?
  2. Late nights + early mornings = death. For an instant perk up keep your eye cream in the fridge or freezer to relieve tired and puffy eyes.
  3. A moisturiser will have more effect if you use it on slightly wet skin. It locks in the moisture from the water giving you an added boost.
  4. Regular eyelash curler not doing the trick? Blast it with your hairdryer for 5 seconds and then curl your lashes for mega curl (please test the heat on the underside of your arm first in case its too hot!)
  5. Want to get the most out of your mascara? Don't pump your wand in the tube, it's less hygenic because it lets in excess air and bacteria that can dry out your mascara. Instead twirl the wand in the tube.

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