Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chipped Nails are skanky, I dont care how cool the Olsens make it look.

OPI's Chip Skip

I know you might think your chipped red nail polish makes you look cool and edgy but I'm going to be honest with you, because I care, It doesn't. It makes you look like a streetwalker.

To keep my nail polish chip free I use Chip Skip. It comes in a regular nail polish bottle but the actual brush is miniature and stiff. I think because the product itself is far more fluid than a regular nail polish a regular brush wouldn't work.

You use this before your base coat as it dries out your nail bed and allows the polish to stay put. It also helps prevent your nail beds produce oil which is what loosens the nail polish from your nail and lets the nail polish really soak in.

It'll cost you about 20 australian bones where OPI nail polish is sold. I got  mine from David Jones which has a pretty stellar nail polish collection. While your there grab OPI's Mod About You as well. It's my all time favourite shade, a glorious creamy pastel pink with a  hint of lilac. Delish. My Mum loves I'm not really a Waitress which is a deep burghundyish red. Perfect for your pedi's.


  1. I don't like chipped NP either!! The moment my nailpolish chips I take it all off and repaint in another color. Which means I repaint my nails every like 2 days. LOL!

  2. I'll definitely be checking out chip skip now, 'cause I really hate it when my polish chips.