Monday, March 23, 2009


I recently attended a NARS even with international celebrity artist for NARS Bret Boreman. Bret was so lovely and kind and picked all my colours and they were applied by one of MECCA's senior artists who was also very lovely.

Let me tell you I did not make it easy! I had a really big night the night before so my skin was looking SHABBY to say the least. I was dehydrated and had big cirlces under my eyes, she prepped my skin by packing it full of moisture and then we discussed what colours to use. I told her what colours I already had from NARS (mostly neutrals) and she suggested we try something a bit different, Bret agreed and so he chose Jolie Poupee eyeshadow duo which is a brilliant lavender and deep purple duo.

The rest of my face we kept a nice dusty gold using Promiscuous l/s and Greek Holiday gloss on the lips as well as Luster on my cheeks.
Luster was already my HG NARS blush.

I was also really interested in trying their primer and foundation, they are both LUSH, the primer is just what I've been looking for, and the foundation is lightweight and a perfect match for my skintone (I got matched to the colour Santa Fe).

I left with the eyeshadow, lipgloss, lipstick, foundation, primer and a lipliner in Papua.
They even made me a little facechart and gave me a cute tester size Rose Birman lipgloss!


  1. Hi! I'm NC30 like you, and would love to see how Lustre looks on NC30 skin, would you be able to post a pic?! There isn't a Mecca here in Adelaide so I kinda have to rely on swatches with NARS stuff! Thanks heaps!

  2. I sure can, I will put it up either today or tomorrow!
    oh and also I am wearing it in this video