Friday, March 27, 2009


So I'm sure you have all noticed the ridiculous amount of blog posts and youtube videos about Lush. Well I decided it was time for me to put in my 2cents.
First let me tell you, I am not a bath girl, the thought of a bath repulses me. I am a get in the shower, clean yourself, get out kind of girl. Having said that I like to make the time that I am in the shower as enjoyable as possible.
SO Heres is a rundown of what I got plus BLESS THIS MESS! style a more indepth 1 love, 1 like and 1 hate.

Yummy Yummy Shower Gel - A thick shower gel that smells like strawberries, and is infact, made with strawberries.
Rockstar Soap - This stuff smells like creaming soda!
Porridge Soap - Smells like oatmeal and mollases (again this is what it's made of), BEWARE its more of an exfoliator, very abbrasive.
Honey I Washed the Kids Soap - Smells like honey (duh)
The Godmother Soap - Has tiny bits of glitter on it (which dont transfer to the skin) and smells like a grown up rockstar.
Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser - Supposed to be a kick back to medieval times cleansers
Emotibombs - You chuck these in the shower and the foam up releasing nice smells, cute, bit gimicky. Like a bath bomb for the shower.
Therapy Massage bar - Heat this up in your hands and it melts into oil, supposed to be good for stretch marks
Business time Massage bar - Named after the Fight of the Concords song (which is love BTW) smells like therapy but stronger and much more oily. Definitely better used on another.
Buffy Exfoliating Bar - A shea butter based exfoliating bar.

I Love:
The Godmother
The Godmother Soap- This smells so good and I actually love it more than I thought I would when I bought it. It doesn't lather much, which I don't mind, but you still feel clean, and the suds are a deep red.

I Like:

Therapy Massage Bar - This leaves your skin feeling super smooth and is great used just out of the shower or warmed between your hands to collect the oil and then used on someone else. Would be a love if the smell was a bit lighter. Im not into strong Herbal scents.


Buffy The Backside Slayer - I know this is supposed to be an exfoliating bar but this is painful! You're better off using sandpaper! Use this out of the shower and you will straight up rip your skin off, even in the shower it is a form of torture.

And one more hate because generally there products are good but these two shouldn't be purchased by anyone ever.
Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser - This is a basic, mild, semi exfoliating daily cleanser. I never would have bought it but I got a free sample. It smells awfull. It's so strong I could barely stand to put it on my skin because I thougth I was going to be sick. And it looks like vomit. Sorry Lush I wont be buying this, ever.


  1. Lush... why do they have to look so delicious for?! I'm always tempted to take a bite hahaha

  2. hahah i know right?
    the honey I washed the kids one even has a bit of honeycomb on the top and I always think mmmm caramel.

  3. I actually use Angels on Bare Skin. It must just not be for you... because my sister, my mother and I all love it. The best cleanser I've ever had - and I've had a lot (both cheap and expensive!)

  4. Ming - I dont mind it as a cleanser but its just smells so bad, too strong for me!