Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why being a slave to trends is less important now more than ever

You know how sometimes there is a makeup/beauty trend and you think "that sounds insanely crazy", (I'm talking about things like glitter mascaras here) you think that it a trend reserved only for the truly insane and then you see a really hot girl wearing it and she doesnt look half bad so maybe you can give it a go too.

Well I'm about to tell you about one of those trends that you should NOT give a go, even if you see a model wearing it on Oxford St and it looks pretty rad on her.

Im talking about black lips.

Black Lips are huge at the moment beauties. Have you noticed all the makeup brands bringing out black lip products? Chanel has a black lipstick and back in March Lancome had the Piha Beach gloss. MAC is about to go one step further with their latest Style Black collection (Available in Australia October 5th), an entire black collection featuring no less than 6 black toned lip products.

But take my word of warning beauties, save your money for the other black products. Unless you are a model, a vampire or a goth leave the black lips at home, or you will SCARE CHILDREN.

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