Thursday, June 25, 2009

Project Ten Pan Fail

Remember how I told you I was gonna do Project Ten Pan to save money for my holiday. Well it didn't work. I used up five things and then Style Warriors came out and my favourite MAC lady was working so I bought more stuff than I needed.

So now I'm going away in seven days and my funds are severley depleted. Thankfully KRudd came through with the $900 and I have a bit from work so I do have some spending money but taking exchange rates into play probably not as much as I want. Fingers crossed I win the $60 mill lotto jackpot next week yeah?

But there is something I really really need. As a result of project ten pan I now have no more moisturiser. I used up my day one and my night one and am currently living off those sample ones you get in Gift-With-Purchases.

So I need you to recommend me something great, something stellar.
I have normal to dry skin, during the day I like to use something light (I was using Lancommes Hydra-Fusion) and at night I use something a bit heavier and more hydrating (I used to use Philosophys Hope In A Jar).

What do you use?
Would you recommend it?
Help a sister out.


  1. i like the clarins hydra quench, but both Decleor and MD formulations have great products!


  2. in the winter when my skin is more dry I use clinique dramatically different moisurising lotion. It really improves the dryness and evens out my complexion. :D

    In summer I use something a bit lighter as the clinique moisutrser can make my skin oily in the hot weather so I switch to biotherm aquasource intense moiturization gel.

    hope this helps a bit. :)

  3. just Lisa - Thanks for that! I'll have to give it a look, I have a friend who works at clarins so I might see if she can hook me up!

    Hannah - Not the biggest fan of clinique, I used their superbalance foundation and hate it, used the stay matte powder and hate that too. I used to use hydradefense but kind of felt that it made my skin oily and didnt really fix dryness so much. Might check out the biotherm though, cheers for the rec!