Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hair Aware

Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque (He must be french or something cause I always thought it was spelt mask)

I will be honest with you, when it comes to my hair I am lazy. I know your supposed to go in for a cut and a colour (if that's your thing) every 6 weeks or so but for me it's more like ever 6 months. Ponytails, messy buns or GHD straight are pretty much all I have in my repertoire. (see I can use fancy french words too Mr. Murphy!)
So in between salon visits my hair can get a bit rank. Not to mention it's pretty damaged seeing as I've dyed it every colour conceivable (not even kidding, in high school I had magenta streaks) and I GHD and blow dry a bit too often.

So on one of my infrequent hairdresser visits my hairdresser noted how dry my hair was and recommended I give this a go, normally I just say yes to whatever he tries to sell me because I feel so bad for not going in for so long and then finally presenting him with this mess he has to attempt to fix.

I tried it and success! My hair actually feels amazingly soft, and I didn't even realise it felt dry before. It has Shea butter in it which is the oiliest of oils and my hair just drank it all up and then asked in a  small voice "Please Sir...I want some more".

So would I use it again? YES. And do I think you should too? Of course.
If your hair is dry and damaged, give it the moisture it needs. Oily haired need not apply.

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