Monday, April 27, 2009


Recently I bought and read this book "The Skin Type Solution" by Leslie Baumann (note: there are different versions in different countries and so different covers). In the book you take a quiz about your skin and then Baumann recommends products that are suitable for your skin based on Resistance or Sensitivity, Pigmentation, Dryness or Oiliness, and wrinkle prone.

She also includes tips for caring for your type of skin and a routine you can follow for your skin type.

Based on what the book says I learnt that the last thing my dry skin needs was a foaming cleanser (I had been using the Purity Made Simple Foaming Cleanser) but could really benefit from a milk cleanser so I bought this little baby that I am completley sold on.

The Chanel Precision Cleansing Milk. You apply it like a normal cleanser but it is more the consistency of a light moisturiser. You can either massage it all the way into your skin or you can rinse it off (I reccomend rinsing if you are using this to help take of makeup). I have noticed a huge difference. My skin feels less congested and tight and much smoother. It is a little bit exspensive for a cleanser but you get SO much of it and who can really put a price on a good cleanser? It cost me about $50 australian dollars which is more expensive than drugstore but in terms of high end skincare its actually on the cheaper side.

I want to keep using this before I tell you wether or not I would repurchase and give my final rating but I promise, no Chanel in the next post!


  1. I love that book. My skin has been so much better since I started following Dr Baumann's recommendations.

  2. I wish I could find this book/afford it. Sigh! I'm glad it's working for you gals though.

  3. Chrissy - I got it from Borders and had a 20% off coupon. Check out your library though, you only really need a couple of pages from it.

    GlossQueen - Im noticing a difference too and the hints she gives are so simple and easy to do, just a little change like for me using a facial spray instead of toner!

  4. Yes yes yes! The milk cleanser is LOVE. x