Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travelling this June/ July?

If your travelling this spring/summer and will be in an airport your in luck! MAC are releasing an airport exclusive collection filled with palettes for the eyes, lips and cheeks!

The Palettes are a mix of LE and permanent colours with old favourite Springtime Skipper shadow back from Barbie Loves MAC. With categories like neutral, classic, warm and cool there really is something for everyone, and perfect for the traveller.
One of these palettes was actually my first thing from MAC WAY back in the day. It was tres chic and ignited the obsesssion.
My favourites in this collection have to be 

The Classic Eye and Cheek featuring (from left to right) Sweetness Beauty Powder B
lush, Lightfully Eyeshadow, Idol Eyes Eyeshadow and Print Eyeshadow as well as a mini 213 brush.

And the Neutral eye palette featuring (from left to right) Bisque, Mineralism, Say, Yeah, Sable and Bateau
Check out more pictures of the palettes here:

Coming to an airport near you this (US) Spring/Summer.


  1. I think these are suchhhh a good idea! Good buy too.

  2. classic eye and cheek would come in sooooo handy! LOVE!

    p.s your blog and vids are wonderful :)

  3. Iantha - they are so clever!

    Annieo - Thanking you! And also, The classic is what I have my eye on, looks purty! And Good for the handbag too!