Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Post!

Hi All!

First a bit about me - My name is Hannah and I'm a nineteen year old student that lives in Sydney, Australia.

I have no formal makeup training but I have a huge interest and a passion for makeup and beauty. My favourite makeup brands (and probably the ones I will talk about most often) are MAC, Nars and Stila, although I consider myself to be an equal opportunity makeup user and the makeup I use is in no way limited to these brands. Basically I love finding great products that get me excited about waking up and putting on my face.

I don't only love makeup but beauty products in general, from moisturizer to sunscreen, nail polis to shampoo, my aim is to deliver information about products that might not be the cheapest OR the most exspensive but that WORK!!

So let someone else do the dirty work and READ ON!!

Untill Next Blog

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