Monday, September 22, 2008

An update from ME.

So this is just a little personal blog. I will be away for two weeks, I leave on SAturday.
Im going to Hawaii and LA for two weeks with my family and wont be able to post much, but when I come back there will be some BIG changes to my blog.

Expect videos, more product reviews, and maybe if anyone is interested a HUGE haul from all the stuff I will be buying. I've been saving up big time and I will be treating myself! I might also post some photos from my travels and start posting more stuff about myself.

I will try to get a few product reviews up before I leave but I'm gonna be SUPER busy for the next week with wrapping up all my university work!

Hope everyone is good and leave me some comments to let me know what you guys WANNA SEE!!!



  1. Have a wonderful vacation! Sounds like a ton of fun and yes! do a haul blog! i love seeing others hauls!!!


  2. Thanks Rosey!

    Ok so when I come back Ill do a haul (maybe even a haul video) and post it up here!
    Hope your well.

  3. haved a fantastic time and I wil live vicariously through your haul!

    -X_cinderella_X from specktra!