Friday, September 19, 2008

Product Spotlight

Nivea Visage: Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

This stuff is the business! The picture is the new packaging, I think they only recently switched the packaging over so it might look a little different when you buy it buts its the same product.

I have tried TONNES of makeup removers and this one is still the one I think works the best for the price.
It is super gentle, doesn't sting the eyes at all and it's not greasy like alot of makeup removers are.
It also really works! It gets all your makeup off and leaves your eye feeling fresh and clean and not like you just poured oil or alcohol on your face.

For the price I think this is one of the best makeup removers in the market, which is nice cause you can afford to buy two! I keep one at home and one at my boyfriends and never have to be worries about getting caught with panda eyes in the morning, if I drove I would keep it in my car! You also get quite a lot of product so it lasts a while but it deffinitley goes a long way.

I love the packaging because hole that the actual product comes out of is the perfect size for you to stick in a cotton bud (q-tip) squeeze on the bottle to coat the tip and then you have precise control for touchups or removal!

Product: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Value for Money: 5/5

Nivea Visage Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover retails for $9 for 125ml


  1. that sounds wonderful. Ive been using Loreal's and its ok, but i feel like it have to scrub my eyelashes and i dont want to do that!
    Thanks for the rec!


  2. A really cheap way to get mascara off your eyelashes everytime is baby oil! Super gentle too.